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I’m telling you microwave, don’t make me get out of my chair.

As a parent, I am called out of my chair all the damn time.  Maybe Pickles needs part of his extensive collection of scrapes bandaged, Sweet Pea needs his closet door closed while he is snug in his top bunk … Continue reading

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Wallace, Gromit and some delightful White Stilton with cranberries

For a special treat today for going to a Pilates class with me and not acting like a rabid weasel, Pumpkin Pie and I got to watch Wallace and Gromit.  For those of you who are not acquainted, it is … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie Management

It has been evident for some time that our third child has been and continues to be the most difficult to socialize.  By socialize, I do not mean play cooperatively, behave in public places and know what to say when … Continue reading

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Preschool Mom, please stop making me look at your bum.

I was in line last week to pick up Pumpkin Pie.  The hallways outside the classrooms at this preschool are narrow and it is like waiting in line to pick up your preschooler in a submarine.  All that is missing … Continue reading

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Sunday Smackdown: Bumblebee vs (Headless) Ironman

Pumpkin Pie has waged an epic battle today for a Sunday Smackdown on Cloud 8:  Bumblee vs Ironman.  Sadly, Ironman met with an unfortunate accident while we were on vacation this summer and his head is missing.  I think it … Continue reading

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You’re giving me a gift for what?

Last night I bought Pickles’ baseball coaches gifts from the team.  “Is Fall Ball over already?” you may ask.  No, it isn’t.  These are the gifts from Baseball that ended in May.  I think it ended in May.  Maybe June? … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Inside his head?

I was doing some facebooking serious work on the computer and Pumpkin Pie very purposefully strode up and asked me to “play the one where she was inside his head”. Me:  Huh? Wait.  What?  Are we talking about a video game? … Continue reading

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Slug related fatalities?

I love hearing what they do at my husband’s work when there is a little down time.  They work hard and consequently need to act like adolescent boys in a locker room, I mean blow off some steam.  This often … Continue reading

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This is a test.

Testing 1,2,3. This is a test.  If this were an actual blog there would be something with actual content written here.

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5 Stages of Grief (over your Spiderman shirt)

Way back in 1969, a really smart, sensitive, shrinky-type doctor, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross came up with 5 stages of grief.  I know this because I learned it in college.  A couple of times.  And somehow it escaped the brain-purge of motherhood. … Continue reading

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