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Holiday Guests, Cloud 8 Style

I received an email from The Container Store today with a list of suggestions of how to organize my guest space to make my holiday company feel welcome and comfortable.  Everyone needs tips like these over the holidays to remind … Continue reading

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Why Men are Stupid (Not mine, of course).

As a general rule, I try not to dis men for being men.  Unless they have it coming, and Husband’s Old Man soccer team 2 years ago totally has it coming.  The Brothers and I were at home minding our … Continue reading

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And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

Last week at Camp Mamaw, I discovered something disturbing about myself.  It all started with Grey’s Anatomy.  This Summer I became hooked on Grey’s Anatomy.  I am catching up on all the old episodes (Thanks to Lifetime, TV for ovaries … Continue reading

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Sunday Smackdown: Husband vs Old Man Soccer

This week’s Sunday Smackdown is brought to you by Husband!  The reason Sunday Smackdown started (in my head) in the first place was because husband plays Old Man Soccer every Sunday morning.  (You can see old Sunday Smackdowns here, here, … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Been Doing Instead of Writing This Blog.

I have a half-dozen partial blog entries which are unfinished because of all the minutia that is the holiday season.  I have rated these activities on a 5 point scale for my amusement, 5 being super awesome-kadewsome  and 1 being a … Continue reading

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Pickles’ New Shoes. Just. like. always.

If you know anything about Pickles, know that he does not like change.  He is like Henry in the Oswald kids’ show.  Henry (who is voiced by Squiggy, which is extremely awesome) goes to the corner restaurant and every time … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: New Mental Disorder

The kitchen radio is perpetually on, and last night it was on NPR.  It was on Fresh Air and Terry Gross was interviewing an actor about the movie Black Swan where Natalie Portman plays a complete whackadoodle ballerina with a … Continue reading

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