Guest Blogger: Jersey Girl Cooks with Nutella (Squeeeee!)

You may remember me writing about my friend, Lisa, who is a fantabulous cook and blogger and understands my issues with Nutella.  (The first step is to admit that I am powerless over Nutella).

Nectar of the Gods

Banana Nutella Muffins

Hi. I’m Jersey Girl Cooks. I am flattered that Sweet Pea, Pickles and Pumpkin Pie’s mom would ask me to do a guest post for her.  When she said she wanted a Nutella recipe, I was thrilled.  Now I could experiment with that creamy, nutty chocolate and share the goodies.  As much as I love to eat a whole batch of muffins myself, my butt is getting a little wide and sharing makes me feel good.  (Editor’s Note:  Please feel free to share with us anytime!)

Nutella has been all the rage lately.  I read food blog after food blog and I constantly drool over all the Nutella goodness that I see.  It makes me want to lick my screen until I see how dusty my computer is. My kids love Nutella and they often get Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.  Of course, I ruin the sandwich by making it on whole wheat bread when they would rather have white.  (Editor’s Note:  Good AND good for you!)

I have a son who is a very picky eater and he is even particular about the muffins he eats.  Any muffin with blueberries or any nutritious fruit is not on his agenda.  Anything with chocolate and plenty of sugar is more of his style.  These muffins are a compromise between the two.  They have plenty of bananas and I used white whole wheat flour to add some nutrition.  But they have plenty of sugar and the Nutella to bring out the yummy factor.  Below is the recipe if you would like to try them.  If you do make them, don’t be worried that the muffin tins are filled to the brim. They do spill over and make nice muffin tops.  (Editor’s Note:  Nutella does encourage a hearty muffin top, doesn’t it?!) And as long as the muffin tops are not in our jeans, we like them, don’t we?  Hope you enjoy! And thanks for having me as the guest blogger!

Banana Nutella Muffins

2 cups white whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup canola oil

2 eggs, beaten

1/3 cup plain low fat yogurt

3 medium ripe bananas, mashed

1/3 cup Nutella

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Line a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners and spray the top of the pan with cooking spray.

Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl.  Mix together sugar, oil, eggs, yogurt and bananas until well blended.  Add flour mixture and combine until moist but don’t over mix.

Don't over-swirl these once they are in the pan, because the different colored batters look really cool when you open up the muffin to eat it. Yummy!

Take one cup of the batter and mix with the Nutella.  Spoon plain batter alternately with the Nutella batter until all muffin cups are very full. Swirl each muffin cup using a knife.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until muffins spring back when touched in the center. Cool before serving.  (Editor’s Note:  It’s good you said to cool these, because I can totally see myself burning my mouth eating them straight out of the oven!)  Feel free to warm some Nutella and drizzle over the muffins. Makes 12.

Here's what they look like when they are done. Take a picture because they won't be around long.

Editor’s Note:  Lisa took these pictures before she brought some of these to my house for me to try (I know!  Can you believe she delivers?!).  She didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the inside of the muffins because there was a feeding frenzy at my house and Pumpkin Pie, Pickles and I ate them all up.  But, I thought that the inside looked really cool because the batter was all swirly.  Thanks, Lisa for the great recipe and yet another thing to do with Nutella!

About Adventures From Cloud 8

I am a stay at home mom who now and again sneaks away to be an in-home family therapist. My husband and I have 3 boys: Sweet Pea (12), Pickles (9) and Pumpkin Pie (4). Oh yeah. We have Doodle Dog, too. You guessed it! He’s a boy. At least he pees outside.
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3 Responses to Guest Blogger: Jersey Girl Cooks with Nutella (Squeeeee!)

  1. These muffins look awesome & such a fun guest post! What I would do for some of these right about now 🙂

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