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Phenomenon: A List of a Few Terms

There are several child-related phenomenon I have noticed over the last several years.  I believe these phenomenon are universal, but I don’t know the mechanism behind any of them. Rotten Apple Syndrome: When a child or pack of children seek … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Dinosaurs

I was reading to Pumpkin Pie before bed last night and he picked out The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd.  This is a classic book that has been around forever.  It was first published in 1942 … Continue reading

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Sunday Smackdown: Pinky vs The Shrub

In the interest of accuracy, this smackdown happened on Friday.  You know the SINGLE nice weather day we have had in 4 years months.  So, Sweet Pea, Pickles and every other unrestrained child on the block were outside after school … Continue reading

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Stuff I *Totally* Lied to the Shorties About: A List.

I really try not to, but occasionally I have to lie to the shorties.  Don’t judge, you have done it, too.  I have a suspicion that the lies change considerably with the age of your kids, I am hoping my … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: The Law

Way back when Sweet Pea was 4 and dinosaurs still ruled the land, we had the bestest back yard neighbors in the history of ever.  Buttercup, a year older than Sweet Pea lived mere yards away from us.  Pickles was … Continue reading

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Another Open Letter to the Shorties: Mostly About Food.

There still seems to be some additional confusion around here and it is time to clear a few more things up before I blow a gasket.  Most, but not all, of the issues today surround eating. 1.  The little silver … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: The Joys of Games

Pumpkin Pie’s buddy, Cookie, came over today to play with Pumpkin Pie because I was tired and boring they were pent up because it’s freaking February and they need to spend time with other howler monkeys who speak their same … Continue reading

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Book Club Chronicles: Books From 2001-2011

It is probably evident at this point that I really, really, really love my book club and the ladies who make it what it is.  We have made efforts over the years to keep track of what we have read, … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: In Which I Smell Feet

I was changing the sheets on my bed yesterday, which means that Pumpkin Pie makes a “nest” out of all the pillows and my puffy down comforter on the floor for half the day while the sheets are in the … Continue reading

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Isn’t it funny when you see the life parallels you have with people you meet?  My girlfriend Wendy’s and my lives somehow both involved learning how to make balloon animals.  We never even knew each other in Clown College!  Since … Continue reading

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