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Book Club Chronicles: Books From 2001-2011

It is probably evident at this point that I really, really, really love my book club and the ladies who make it what it is.  We have made efforts over the years to keep track of what we have read, … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: In Which I Smell Feet

I was changing the sheets on my bed yesterday, which means that Pumpkin Pie makes a “nest” out of all the pillows and my puffy down comforter on the floor for half the day while the sheets are in the … Continue reading

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Isn’t it funny when you see the life parallels you have with people you meet?  My girlfriend Wendy’s and my lives somehow both involved learning how to make balloon animals.  We never even knew each other in Clown College!  Since … Continue reading

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The World of Veggies According to Pumpkin Pie

I thought you should know that there are a few fruits and vegetables that have new names according to Pumpkin Pie.  Don’t tell him otherwise,  because I think it’s cute! I hope you enjoyed this small break from reality.  Strive … Continue reading

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Deciding Whether or Not to Let Our ADHD Kid Fail

We go to see a Psychiatrist for Sweet Pea’s medications, and when we are having a tough time, we see a Psychologist, too.  You may remember me writing about Professor Dumbledore.  He is amazing.  He worked with Sweet Pea for … Continue reading

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