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An Actual Conversation: Older Than (Radioactive) Dirt

At 5 years younger than his closest brother, Pumpkin Pie is the encore of my procreation.  He’s my last baby and I was of Advanced Maternal Age when he was born.  For some reason in his preschool class almost all … Continue reading

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Reasons I am a Geek: A List

It has become increasingly evident over the years that I am a geek, and pi day really put the last nail in my geek coffin.  I have finally decided to let my geek flag fly and compile an official list … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: The Resiliency of Kids

My friend Wendy was working in one of Our Town’s elementary schools library this week and told me about an interaction she had with a 5th grade boy.  It was so dear I had to share it. Wendy: Hey, Buddy. … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Scrambled Eggs

Pumpkin Pie loves scrambled eggs.  This wouldn’t be especially noteworthy to me except that he follows two brothers who never liked scrambled eggs.  At all.  Not a bite.  Never.  No thanks, don’t touch the stuff.  Then Pumpkin Pie entered the … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Please and Thank You

Like any parents of preschoolers, we demonstrate manners with the hope that the cave babies children get the idea and follow suit.  The higher level stuff like eye contact and not barking at babies at the grocery store how to … Continue reading

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Journey of The Grabatron 2000

Pickles was recently given an assignment that threw him for a loop.  He is supposed to come up with an original invention.  It is actually a pretty big assignment, they have to create an invention, come up with an advertisement … Continue reading

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Where Am I and How Did I Get Here?

I climbed into bed last night and held really really still while the bed warmed up.  When the temperature was right, I snuggled up and got comfy with my book.  I hung in there for almost a whole weird, boring … Continue reading

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