Reasons I am a Geek: A List

It has become increasingly evident over the years that I am a geek, and pi day really put the last nail in my geek coffin.  I have finally decided to let my geek flag fly and compile an official list of the reasons why.  Some of my geekishness I have polluted onto my progeny and for the most part, I am fine with this.

This dishwasher is in serious need of some redishtribution.

5.  Efficiency Geek:  This may fit better in a Why I Am Annoying post, but whatever.  I reload the dishwasher so that I can fit as many dishes in as possible.  I like to be efficient, what can I say?  This is referred to in our house as redishtribution.  It really is a sickness, but it has not affected my children because if they ever lowered a dish into the dishwasher it would be one of the 7 signs of Armageddon.

4.  Book Geek: I make no secret about how much I love my book club, and I really love books in general.  But, I especially love love love kids books.  That may have been one of my big motivators for procreating:  the wealth of awesome literature.  With pictures!!

If someone mentions their kid is having trouble finding a book they can sink their teeth into, I get all a quiver and they leave Cloud 8 with a tote bag of books they didn’t want in the first place to peruse.  Recently I was ready to throw down with Our Town’s Elementary School librarian because we donated City Dog Country Frog to the school library and she had not read it yet so I could talk to her about it.  She may have put me on another Government Watch List after those encounters.

To further cement my book geekiness, I frequently make references to kids books that people don’t understand.  I was talking to someone who brought up the topic of school uniforms and I interjected, How about Olivia!  She can really wear a school uniform, can’t she?! While the reference made perfectly good sense to me, whoever it was I was talking to looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my head.  Obviously we aren’t friends anymore.

American Idol's Got Talent? Whatever. I'll take Mythbusters. They blow stuff up all the time and it rocks!


3.  TV Geek: While I appreciate the cultural significance of American Idol, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser and other popular reality-type shows, I can’t get into any of those programs no matter how hard I try.  I am left out of lots of cultural references and casual chats.

Friend: How about blahbedy blah-blah on Idol last night?

Me: Uh…  How about that Olivia making pancakes for her brothers.  You read that book, right?  That was really funny, wasn’t it?

Friend: (the sound of footsteps walking away from me)

I will, however, watch a Sunday marathon of Mythbusters without hesitation.  We even talked Sweet Pea into dressing up like Jamie one year for Halloween.  He wore a real bald cap and a beret.  It was awesome.  He may be traumatized because no one but us knew who he was, but it was totally worth it.

This is the recycling symbol to look for on your plastics. In this instance, it is magnified 700 times.

2:  Environmental Geek: Like almost everyone in NJ, we recycle.  I think they arrest you if you don’t.  Or raise your property taxes.  In Our Town, we have a 90 (that’s right, nine-zero) gallon recycle bin.  It is like a shiny blue institutional dumpster on wheels.  I was so excited when the Township delivered it a few years ago because we could finally fit everything we wanted to recycle!  I love how every trash day they line up like blue soldiers at the curb waiting for their recycling orders.  Recently, we have even been allowed the opportunity to recycle #3,#4, AND #5 plastics in addition to #1 and #2.  The recycling possibilities seem almost endless.  As an especially geeky addition, sometimes I use the word “comingled”.  Just a little Environmental Geek humor.  The Shorties are die-hard recyclers.  They aren’t letting any non #6 plastics get into the trash.  Lucky for them their young eyes can see those microscopic triangle arrow symbols.

I will be wearing this next year on March 14th! You know you want one


1.  Math Geek: The great part of being the parent of Elementary aged kids is that I am like a math genius.  Multiplication tables?  No problem.  Long division?  Gotcha! Dividing fractions?  One quick online search and I am up to speed.  So I can comfortably call myself a Math Geek without actually possessing any real higher math skills.  I guess I am actually a phony math geek and that is so much worse.

Anyway, my math geek self met with Pickles’ teacher over a month ago to plan our celebration for Pi Day earlier this week.  I made 3 chocolate pudding pies for the class and the kids made a paper chain with 10 different colors of paper to represent the digits of pi, and measured circles with varying degrees of accuracy.  I even had the teacher convinced to take a pie to the face for the event, but it didn’t wind up happening.  What really makes me a geek is how sincerely excited I was about this!  I am totally getting a pi day t-shirt next year.  Maybe some pi socks, too.

One day Pickles came home sad because someone at baseball called him a Math Geek.  I told him, Oh, Honey.  In our family, that’s a compliment!

Let your geek flags fly, folks.  There has to be a little Band Geek or D&D Geek or Renaissance Faire Geek inside you.  Maybe you are more of a Star Wars gal or Lego guy.  Let it out!  Celebrate it!  And please tell me about it so I don’t feel so geeky all by lonesome.

About Adventures From Cloud 8

I am a stay at home mom who now and again sneaks away to be an in-home family therapist. My husband and I have 3 boys: Sweet Pea (12), Pickles (9) and Pumpkin Pie (4). Oh yeah. We have Doodle Dog, too. You guessed it! He’s a boy. At least he pees outside.
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6 Responses to Reasons I am a Geek: A List

  1. Jackie says:

    Star Wars , legos, Dr. Who, sci fi loving, obsessive reading, crossword puzzle geek married to a marching band drummer, Magic (the uber-geeky card game) playing, political junkie, fellow Star Wars loving, history channel watching geek. We should definitely put a big ole flag outside of our house to alert the neighborhood of our geekdom.

  2. We could start a geek flag company making specialty flags and create a national Geek Flag month!

  3. Jackie says:

    Trace, you might be onto something!

  4. Erica B. says:

    My honeymoon was a Stargate convention.

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