An Actual Conversation: Happier-ness

The Shorties were sitting at the table enjoying some ice cream in a bowl at the end of a busy summer day.  Everyone was happy, but evidently Pumpkin Pie felt the need to stir up some trouble.

Despite Sweet Pea's delusions of grandeur, Cloud 8 does *not* have these industrial ice cream topping dispensers.

It is important to know that every night that Sweet Pea has ice cream (he would have it every night of his life if possible) he asks for every topping we have as if our kitchen were his own personal Farrell’s.  Marshmallows?  I’ll take 10.  Chocolate syrup?  Load me up!  Whipped cream?  As much as you can fit, please and thank you!  This is of course fine for special occasions.  But on a normal day, the answer is a resolute no.  For some reason on this night Sweet Pea was genuinely satisfied with his bowl of chocolate ice cream and was thoroughly enjoying it.  Happy as a pig in slop.  Evidently Pumpkin Pie can not tolerate such low levels of unrest.

Sweet Pea:  Mmmmm.  This ice cream is good.

This is the Farrell's Pig Trough Sundae. Your Tuesday's dessert should contain slightly fewer toppings.

Pumpkin Pie:  Sweet Pea, would you like some whipped cream with your ice cream? (As if it were his to offer up.)

Sweet Pea:  No, I’m good.

Pumpkin Pie:  Are you sure you wouldn’t like some whipped cream?

Sweet Pea:  Nope.  I’m happy.

Pumpkin Pie:  Yeah, but wouldn’t you be happier with whipped cream?

(Image Credits:  You can buy your own Rosetto ice cream topping dispensers here, ice cream from

About Adventures From Cloud 8

I am a stay at home mom who now and again sneaks away to be an in-home family therapist. My husband and I have 3 boys: Sweet Pea (12), Pickles (9) and Pumpkin Pie (4). Oh yeah. We have Doodle Dog, too. You guessed it! He’s a boy. At least he pees outside.
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