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Hoarder: An Actual (Texting) Conversation

I was finishing up work the other day and checked in with husband before I started my paperwork.  It went downhill quickly.  Warning:  This is rude. Me:  Home soon.  I got to work with my first hoarder. Husband:  Like Mr. … Continue reading

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Cloud 8 Goes Metal

Every time I take the shorties to see the dentist, the dentist gets a solemn look on his face and reminds me that they will need extensive orthodonture.  Something about a deep bite that they inherited from one of their … Continue reading

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Husband’s New Buddy Brian

Husband has this running joke with Pickles.  At least I think it is a joke.  Since this summer, Husband has been joking with Pickles that he has been hanging out with Pickles’ friend, Brian.  This sends Pickles into fits, trying … Continue reading

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Things That Have Changed Since I Have Been Working: A List

It has been about 6 weeks since I started back to work.  Of course lots of things have changed because, you know, I am not here all the time.  Duh.  I am still here about half the time, but, whatever. … Continue reading

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As a Matter of Fact…

There are lots of times I do something that is gross, stupid, weird, or simply ill-advised.  While maybe not the best of my choices, I chose them without shame.  There are also lots of times someone else does something gross, … Continue reading

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