Things That Have Changed Since I Have Been Working: A List

It has been about 6 weeks since I started back to work.  Of course lots of things have changed because, you know, I am not here all the time.  Duh.  I am still here about half the time, but, whatever.  Some stuff has changed, here is some of it:

1.  Pumpkin Pie is keeping closer tabs on me.  Most days he asks once or twice if it is a work day for me, and if it is a whole day or a half day.  I get it, he is getting used to the routine.  Once the babysitter (who we love) gets here, he is happily dressed in his new ninja costume hiding behind the couch waiting to jump out at her.

2. The dog is sad.  Pumpkin Pie has been happily keeping his eye on me, but Doodle Dog is a sad dog.  He could handle it if I were just gone part of the week, but now the boys are back in school, I am not here as much, AND we have a lot less time to walk/play with him/find him a play date!  It is a little too much for Doodle Dog to take and he has regressed to stealing tissues out of the trash and chewing them up.  On a really bad day, he chewed up a contact lens case and some pens.  By some miracle no ink was spilled and now Doodle Dog goes into his “condo” (a giant pen the children like to lock each other in) when we go out.  He is much happier in there.

Is this too much confidence?

3.  I am using WAY more mascara.  It used to be that in a normal week, I didn’t wear makeup beyond covering up the ever-present black circles (thank you so much genes from my mother’s family) under my eyes and maybe a little sunscreen chap stick.  Now I actually have to appear competent confident several days out of the week which involves eye makeup.  I may have to go shopping for more, I need all the competence confidence I can get.

4.  The fridge is totally empty by the end of my work week.  Holy crap!  Did I do anything besides grocery shop before this?  After me being out of pocket for 3 days in a row, there is simply no more food left to eat.  As I type this, our fridge contains milk, romaine lettuce, and artichokes.  And pickles, of course.  We aren’t in Hell, for Pete’s sake.

5.  Sweet Pea is acting more responsible.  This has been building since early in the summer, we really have turned a corner with this man-cub.  Yes, he still has an aversion to bathing most days, won’t pick up a dirty sock to save a life, and I don’t think he has ever flushed the toilet.  But, he is keeping up with his homework for the most part and doing a decent job of it, and that is what counts.

I can only assume the fact that I am not up his butt all the time is at least partially responsible for this success.  Fingers crossed people, because this is win-win.

I am going to start wearing one of those handkerchief hats toward the end of the day.

6.  My brain is really tired.  While I believe Husband and I are raising our shorties in a thoughtful and intentional manner, it doesn’t require the type of sustained brain power that interacting with grown-ups in my work setting does.  By the end of a full day, my brain actually hurts.  I am telling myself it is a good hurt, like when you do a bunch of sit ups and then your stomach muscles hurt (so I am told) but in a good way.  I am hoping that I am growing more brain pathways (like when old people do the crossword) to keep me that much further away from drooling into my lap at the nursing home while wearing my bra on the outside of my clothes.  Again, fingers crossed.

7.  I have become super-human.  I had no idea that this would be a side-effect of working, but evidently now I simply do not have the time to get sick.  All 4 of the boys on Cloud 8 got a nasty, snotty cold that Husband brought home from work.  The little boys both missed school, Husband missed some work, and Sweet Pea would have missed school, but he had his Jazz Band try out (which he actually really prepared for unlike last year) and decided to power through his school day.

I remained unscathed.  I know I am tempting fate by putting this out there, but there, I said it.  I am super-human now.

These are *exactly* like the stairs I go up and down multiple times a day at work. Except mine are, you know, inside. And weren't used in a devil movie.

8.  I am sleeping better.  Maybe it is the brain pain or sheer exhaustion from cleaning off all that mascara, or maybe even the ever so slight ease in emotional discomfort from living in the budgetary red for the past 22 months, but I am sleeping way better than I was 7 weeks ago.  Maybe it is the fact that my office is on the second floor and I have to run up and down the stairs between every client and then 3 more times to get paper clips, use the bathroom, or ask someone a question.  That adds up to like 20 minutes on the Stairmaster!  In heels, even!  Whatever, I am superhuman now.  And my eyelashes have never been more defined.

(Image Credits:  Mimi found on here, Monty Python’s Gumby t-shirt available for purchase from here. Exorcist stairs in Georgetown from Wikipedia.)

About Adventures From Cloud 8

I am a stay at home mom who now and again sneaks away to be an in-home family therapist. My husband and I have 3 boys: Sweet Pea (12), Pickles (9) and Pumpkin Pie (4). Oh yeah. We have Doodle Dog, too. You guessed it! He’s a boy. At least he pees outside.
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3 Responses to Things That Have Changed Since I Have Been Working: A List

  1. Jackie says:

    Must see a photo of PP in his ninja costume! And you ARE superhuman : )

  2. Nannette says:

    So glad the new Job is working out for you. It is really nice just being your awesome self, not mom, or wife for at least part of the week. But sometimes I wonder why the folks at home don’t think I am as wonderful as the ones at work do!

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