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An Actual Conversation: Funny Girl

My mind is going.  Many of you are probably thinking, no kidding asshat.  I seriously get lost half the time I get into the car (and call Husband, Gwen, Jane or Wendy to navigate me where I need to go … Continue reading

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What I Learned in Atlantic City

Husband and I got a chance to get away for a night to Atlantic City.  Together.  Without little people.  I know, whuck?!  Husband’s fantabulous mother, Mamaw, held down Cloud 8 and made sure everyone was fed and went to school … Continue reading

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How do you know when to pull the goalie?

My young girlfriend, Olive requested I do a post on when you know it is the right time to have a baby.  It has been a while since I have considered such things and I now have the brain damage … Continue reading

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