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5 Elementary School Lessons in 13 years

Not writing this blog for 5 years has left me with sooo much free time that I spent it writing the emails for our elementary school’s PTA. You know, the emails that get blasted out to everyone reminding you that … Continue reading

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The Garage: An Actual Conversation

I have a lovely nephew who is a pistol.  He was the sweetest, most adorable baby with a handsome round face, yummy kissable cheeks, giant blue eyes and hair so blonde you could hardly see it.  Now Munchkin is nearly … Continue reading

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Why the Bus Stop is Like Vegas: An Actual Conversation

This year 2 of our kids are in Middle School.  Because I am Old.  So every morning Sweet Pea (8th grade now, God help us) and Pickles (6th grade, how is this possible).  Every morning they leave together holding hands … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim: Update (Way Overdue)

First of all, close you eyes, take a couple of deeeep cleansing breaths so you can easily  suspend reality and pretend that I posted this about a year ago when I wrote it.  Ready?  Good.  Read on. I spent some … Continue reading

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I Know, I Left You Hanging

I know, I just sort of vanished.  There were 2 or 3 posts a week and then there were none!  No explanation, no nothin.   What actually happened is I started working.  I know, there are some super-human bloggers out … Continue reading

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Whose Underpants Are These?

You may remember that Pumpkin Pie has some issues with clothing.  You can read about that here, here, and here.  More recently, he has developed an aversion to underpants.  You read that right, underpants.  If I want to be sure … Continue reading

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Exciting Lego Heroica

Pumpkin Pie recently discovered some random Lego dvd we had lying around the house and decided to watch it.  He has been enjoying it and for my fellow Lego buffs out there, it has sections of Lego Ninjago, Hero City … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Fashion Stop at Kohl’s

Yesterday I had 45 minutes to run out and buy a much-needed bra to replace the two I threw out because they were old and stretched out and the girls deserve better than that.  Wearing my usual uniform of a … Continue reading

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Sink or Swim Starts Now and I Pretend I Don’t Care.

A year ago almost to the hour, I published a post about deciding whether or not to let our ADHD kid fail (that kid would be Sweet Pea in case you are just joining us).  Well, Husband and I have … Continue reading

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Bodies: An Actual Conversation

Occasionally Sweet Pea will send me a text while I am at work.  Usually it is to ask to do something he knows perfectly well he is not allowed to do, or to complain that he doesn’t have an iphone.  Last … Continue reading

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