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The Legos Have Been Kidnapped and No One Cares But Me

Pumpkin Pie left the legos out.  Again.  Sweet Pea and Pickles played with them while they were out, but Pumpkin Pie was in charge of them and left them out when he went to bed.  For the third day in … Continue reading

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Journey of The Grabatron 2000

Pickles was recently given an assignment that threw him for a loop.  He is supposed to come up with an original invention.  It is actually a pretty big assignment, they have to create an invention, come up with an advertisement … Continue reading

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Life Litter

Everywhere I go in my house, there are these little pieces of thin, rigid, clear plastic film.  They are triangular and roughly the size of a postage stamp, although some are bigger.  They get all static-y and are stuck to … Continue reading

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The Dog and Pony Show that is Student Led Conferences

It’s that time of year again when for 4 days during the second busiest week of the entire freaking year in early December, the elementary and middle school kids all come home 2 and a half hours early so their teachers … Continue reading

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Holiday Guests, Cloud 8 Style

I received an email from The Container Store today with a list of suggestions of how to organize my guest space to make my holiday company feel welcome and comfortable.  Everyone needs tips like these over the holidays to remind … Continue reading

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Pickles’ New Shoes. Just. like. always.

If you know anything about Pickles, know that he does not like change.  He is like Henry in the Oswald kids’ show.  Henry (who is voiced by Squiggy, which is extremely awesome) goes to the corner restaurant and every time … Continue reading

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Big Wheels and Big Boys

Most holidays, we members of Cloud 8 pack up our rockin minivan and head to Camp Mamaw (Husband’s parents’ place).  This Thanksgiving was no exception.  Mamaw and Dat rock and are lots of fun to visit.  Plus, there are lots of fun things … Continue reading

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