Back Story

Here’s some background to help you understand the kooky superordinariness (just made that word up, thank you very much) that is my family:

Sweet Pea would ALWAYS wear his helmet!

Sweet Pea:  He is 13 years old and has a whopper of a case of ADHD with sprinkles of anxiety.  I asked him if it was okay that I share this about him (he said it was) because people who actually know him might read this (although the odds are, it’ll just be me reading it).  Anyone who has spent any time with Sweet Pea would know he has some attention issues.  He is super-fabulous (duh.) but he is also high maintenance.  He is a poster child for ‘better living through chemistry’.  If it weren’t for medicine, he would really have a hard time functioning and he certainly couldn’t learn at school.  I don’t envy anyone making the choice about whether or not to medicate their child.  It is a difficult, personal decision that every kid’s parents have to make for themselves.  (Note:  I am talking about psychiatric medications, not antibiotics or inhalers or anything like that.)  If anyone ever tries to bully you into medicating your kid (or not medicating your kid) tell them to back the eff off and punch them in the head.  Sweet Pea also plays the trombone, is an avid reader, loves taking stuff apart and learning about how stuff works.

Pickles:  Pickles is 10 years old and when God handed out anxiety, he made sure to get a scoop.

Pickles loves his Doodle Dog.

He is a conscientious perfectionist who can be very hard on himself.  He is a loyal friend, awesome musician, and has a secret desire to be a professional breakdancer.  We all love Doodle Dog, but Pickles is really really attached.  Pickles is the reason we got Doodle Dog, he is just the kind of kid who needs a pet.  Pickles is also the only one of the Shorties who looks like he may actually be related to me.

Pumpkin Pie:  At 5, Pumpkin Pie has more personality than lots of full grown adults that I know. He is the kid I wouldn’t have wanted my oldest to play with at preschool.  His older brothers are often a terrible influence on him with their tween ways.  With the exception of his 2 cousins, he can’t stand babies.  I think it’s because as far as he is convinced that he is the only baby on the planet.  He is also snuggly, considerate, wicked fast on his scooter, generous with his gum and makes me belly laugh every single day.

Darling Husband:  He is a patient husband who makes me want to be a better person and the kind of dad that makes we want to be a better mom.  More on him later…

I love you I love you I love you I love you

Doodle Dog:  Doodle is a 2 year old love-dog of a mutt.  When we adopted him as a brand new puppy, they thought he was a beagle mix and would be about 30-35 lbs.  That sounded good because we wanted a smaller dog what with Pumpkin Pie being 3 at the time.  Doodle is 56 lbs and if there is one hair of beagle on that dog, I will eat it.  The vet guessed Pointer and most others who care to guess add in either Pit Bull or Boxer.  We went for a Beagle and got a Pinter (Get it?  Pointer+Pit?)  Doodle is a big awesome mush with a big scary bark and we all love him to pieces.

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