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Holy Crapola! Our Van Broke Down on Christmas!

Our van breaking down would have been less of an issue if we hadn’t been on our way to Camp Mamaw 204.56 miles from home.  On Christmas day.  WRAAAAAAAAA!!!! So here’s the whole story.  On our trek to VA for … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Violent Attackers

At our house, the radio is always on in the kitchen.  It reminds me of my Gramma and it is the way I have always done it.  We are lucky enough to have a public radio station that plays awesome … Continue reading

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Life Litter

Everywhere I go in my house, there are these little pieces of thin, rigid, clear plastic film.  They are triangular and roughly the size of a postage stamp, although some are bigger.  They get all static-y and are stuck to … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: Pumpkin Pie and the Candy Necklace

Last year, in his Christmas stocking from his Mamaw, Pumpkin Pie got a candy necklace.  He had never seen such a thing before, and he was rapt. You wear it AND it is delicious candy? He asked me if he … Continue reading

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Goddess in the Nutella Kitchen (Of course it’s not me)

My friend, Lisa and I were on the Steering committee for a Mother’s group for several years.  We would take turns bringing in food for the meetings, you know, bagels, juice, a Quiche from the grocery store, whatever.  Not Lisa. … Continue reading

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The Dog and Pony Show that is Student Led Conferences

It’s that time of year again when for 4 days during the second busiest week of the entire freaking year in early December, the elementary and middle school kids all come home 2 and a half hours early so their teachers … Continue reading

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Things About Christmas That Displease Me: A List.

I have actually really been enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year.  I think a big part of it is that we are NOT moving this year.  Last year we moved on December 15th and it sucked HUGE.  3 … Continue reading

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