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Drag Week: It’s Not What You Think

I may have mentioned that Pickles likes to swim.  He has been on the swim team at Our Neighborhood’s pool for the last few years and has enjoyed it.  As a kid, I had no idea such things existed, so … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: What I Did One Wednesday in June

I am new at this Wordless Wednesday thing, so bear with me if my Wordless Wednesday has, you know, words.  I’ll do better next time.  This was my morning one day last month shortly before school ended:

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Parking Manners for Grownups

A while back, we talked about manners for kids.  This summer I have been faced with numerous opportunities to think about parking manners for asshats grownups.  In the interest of me not *accidently* keying your car everyone’s sanity, I have compiled … Continue reading

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Who Would Do That?

To preserve what precious little sanity I have, while Husband was out of town last week I enrolled Sweet Pea and Pumpkin Pie in Sports Camp at a nearby park for a few hours in the afternoon.  (Pickles opted out … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: In Her Head?

Since summer is the season of television reruns, I am getting on board.  Especially since Husband is out of town for the week doing something entirely more pleasant than driving shorties to and from band, camp, pool, band, camp, pool, … Continue reading

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Things About Summer I Actually Love: A List

No sarcasm font today.  Now that it is July, I am beginning to embrace the summer and there are a few things I am really enjoying this year.  Don’t worry, I will be back to my curmudgeonly self soon enough. … Continue reading

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An Actual Conversation: The Smoker

We recently went to family party for Husband’s cousin’s high school graduation.  It was a wonderful affair with enough food to feed a small country.  There were lots of recent grads there, lots of multi-generational extended family and lots of … Continue reading

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Sweet Pea Morning

Our dear Sweet Pea is turning 13 this week.  I know, it is a milestone year for us.  In honor of him, I finally finished an old half-done post about him I had hanging around.  You may know that dear Sweet … Continue reading

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